Unlike its predecessor, the Dial of Destiny justified Indy’s return. Instead of dragging Harrison Ford along for the ride, the story acknowledges his age this time around while keeping the beating heart of what makes Indiana Jones so exciting very much alive.

Nostalgia has been pulled on often in recent cinema, but here we get a well executed mix of what we loved about the famed archeologist’s early adventures and where we’d expect him to be now. The film keeps a good pace, offers an intriguing villain in Mads Mickelson’s Dr. Voller, and carries a good amount of heart.

The third act doesn’t bring a great deal of originality. What could have been a mysterious and clever twist became a typical easy way out too often seen in Hollywood today. But despite this, the final story of this beloved character left a mark that, would I have been 20 years younger, might have had me walking out of the cinema wanting a fedora of my own and the mystery of an old relic to discover.

If you’re looking for an easy watch and a fun ride, you’ll likely find it here. It may not be as memorable as the original trilogy, but the Dial of Destiny makes a case for taking that final leap of faith into one last adventure.

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